How To Add An Addon Domain In Uno Euro Web Hosting

As already said in my previous articles that I am using Uno Euro web hosting now for hosting my site and it is working well. We all know that all plans of Uno Euro provide unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This means, you can host an unlimited number of sites using the same account. I currently host 4 sites under Uno Euro Silver hosting and the uptime they are providing is great.

Many people are unaware of the fact that you can host unlimited domains from one account using the Addon feature. Even if you buy domains from other sites such as GoDaddy or NameCheap, you can still host the site on Uno Euro by just pointing your name servers to your Uno Euro account. You can also buy domains from Uno Euro at very cheap prices. Buying at Uno Euro and hosting your site there is of course very easy. But this article will deal specifically with adding extra domains (not sub-domains) to your web hosting account.

In this tutorial, I will discuss on adding an Addon domain to your Uno Euro account and hosting an unlimited number of sites under the same account.
A Step-by-Step Guide on Adding an Addon Domain

First, login to your Uno Euro shared web hosting account and scroll down to the “Domains” section, and then click on the “Addon domains”.

On the next page, fill up the empty fields as given in the screenshot above. These are all very important fields; therefore, make sure to place the correct information. In the field “Enter New Domain”, type the name of the new domain that you wish to add to the Uno Euro account. Here the new domain I want to add is, so I have written it. Create an FTP username and an FTP password. Generally, I keep the FTP username the same as the name of the domain. Make sure that the password is very strong; otherwise, there will be chances of getting hacked. In the “Document Root” field, type the root of the domain. I prefer using Public_html/domainname as this way I can give access to other developers too. Next click the “Add Domain” button, and you are done.

If you have bought a domain with a different extension under your same existing brand name, there is also a feature to redirect your original domain to the new domain with a different extension.

For example, you have two domains under the same brand. Let us say and If you want to redirect to, all you have to do is use the Uno Euro Redirecting feature.
You can use this tutorial guide for adding domains and redirecting on any standard cPanel.

Do you prefer adding addon domains to your shared web hosting account or do you prefer using a reseller account to manage all your domains? Which is easier for you? I would love to hear your thoughts via the comments section.